Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor

Stanley J5C09  The Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor is our second choice for a battery jump starter.  While it does not have the power of the Clore JNC 660, it does offer a built in air compressor in case you encounter the 2nd most common automotive mishap, the flat tire.

Save 40% Today On The Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor

I prefer to have a high performance air compressor at home and carry a battery jump starter with me.  I have been lucky enough not to need an air compressor on the road while I have utilized the jump starter several times.  That said, a portable air compressor can come in handy, even around the garage.

The shortcomings of a low priced combination jump starter and air compressor are that it will do neither job as well as a product designed specifically to do only one or the other.  They tend to be down on power and up on weight and complexity.

Save 40% Today On The Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor

On the other hand, Stanley is famous for producing quality products. There is also a lot to be said for a product that can save your behind in an emergency, whether it is a dead battery or a flat tire.  I am pretty sure that neither your battery nor your tires will know that the power level of this product is lower than others.  What will matter to you is that the Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor will get you home or to safety.  Isn’t that the most important factor?

Customer reviews

J. Haggard

I drive a honda ridgeline pickup truck and my wife drive a honda civic. I’ve been looking for a decent jumpstarter that would be powerful enough for both of our vehicles. Rather then having 2 various models it just seemed easier to get two identical units. After reading reviews on several various jump-starters I opted for this model.

Now the most negative thing I could find about this thing was it lacked a flat charger so you couldn’t leave it plugged in. For me that’s not even a factor, after all I bought this to charge it and then put it in the trunk of my wifes car and in the cargo area of my truck. I don’t intend on leaving this plugged in. So if you plan on using this HOW IT IS DESIGNED then you too don’t even need to worry about the lack of a float charger.  Read More At Amazon…

J. Doerr
The basic function of one of these things is pretty simple: take a car with a dead battery and give it enough of a boost in juice to get the engine to turn over. They certainly beat trying to find and then position someone to get a jump between cars.

That said, there are several different “flavors” of jump starters. I’ve had the smaller 200 amp versions and found myself stranded when it didn’t have enough oomph to start my car from a fully dead battery. I don’t drive a tank or a pick-up with a Hemi, so it’s not like I needed a lot of juice. The little one just didn’t have the power. The person that was kind enough to brave a torrential downpour and give me a jump had a 500 amp that worked like a charm. Read More At Amazon…


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