ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter

ENERGIZER 500W Power Inverter 12VThe ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter is a portable 12v power inverter that will allow you to plug in any number of electronic devices as well as charge tablets and phones through USB ports.  It plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter so you can use them while traveling down the road.  Hopefully, use will be confined to passengers as distracted driving is dangerous!

In this review, we will cover the features as well as positives and negatives of the Energizer EN500.  You can read many other automotive product reviews at Best Jump Starter Guide.

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What Are The Features Of The ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter?

When you purchase this power inverter for your car or truck, here is what you get:

500W continuous / 1000W peak power
Ultra Silent (thermal fan)
2 x standard North American AC outlets
2 x USB charging ports 2.1A (shared)
Tablet charging compatible from USB ports
Ipad charging compatible from USB ports

You also get a plug for your cigarette lighter as well as direct connectors for your car’s battery.  Also, if 500W is not enough, they do make various models all the way up to 4000W.  That seems to us to a lot of wattage to demand from the average auto battery, so you would want to buy one of the larger units for commercial use only.

If you travel by car often, you have felt the need for portable power.  Whether you own an older vehicle that does not have a built in USB port or you need to charge your Ipad, this small inverter should fill the bill for you.  The dimensions are 9″ x 5″ x 2.6″ and the weight is 2 pounds, so packing it up and carrying it along with you is a simple matter.

What are the positives of the ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter?

When you are looking for the positives of the ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter, think of what you wouldENERGIZER 500W Power Inverter 12V want a converter for.  You probably need a USB port or 2 as well as the ability to charge and/ or use other electronic devices.  The Energizer does provide what you need in a compact package.  It is a bonus that the price is reasonable and that it is produced by a company with a long and excellent reputation in the power providing niche.

There are other inverters available in the same price range from well known companies.  You may want to look at the Black & Decker PI500BB 500 Watt Power Inverter or the BESTEK® Dual 110V AC Outlets and Dual USB 3.1A 300w Power Inverter, both of which provide similar features and power.

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Are There Any Negatives To The ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter?

After reading many reviews on Amazon as well as other automotive blogs was that the connector cables should be longer.  The cigarette lighter plug is not long enough to allow the power inverter to sit on your passenger seat.  We would prefer a longer cable.  The same can be said for the battery connector cable.  If it were longer, it would give you more options as to where to place it while you are using it.

These are minor complaints as the unit itself works flawlessly.  Overall, we would rate the ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter a buy.

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What Do Customers Say About The ENERGIZER 500W DC Car Power Inverter?

by Luke

I bought this unit because the place that I would visit once in awhile, decided to take it out on everyone and lock up the outdoor receptacles. Could not even vacuum your car out anymore. That and needing to get some body work done on my car, I decided to have a portable inverter unit that I could use a grinder or sander or drill, when I wanted too.  Read more…

by Amazon Customer

Are you in the military? This thing is your new best friend. I’m an Army medic and whether I’m deployed or in a field environment back in garrison, I NEED this device when I’m stuck ina vehicle. I’ve hooked it to 12v and 24v systems (attached to only one battery) in multiple tactical vehicles and commercial vehicles and it’s great. Next week I have to sit out in a field litter ambulance all day with no air conditioner in 100+ degree weather but I’m ok because this thing can run a small fan that I’ve mounted to the ceiling and a portable beverage cooler Read more


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