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Delk frost guard with windshield coverThe Delk Frost Guard with Windshield Cover is a different approach to the problem of keeping your windshield snow and ice free. This review will provide the answer as to whether this different approach works or not. For complete reviews of other automotive products, visit

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What are the features of the Delk Windshield Cover?

According to Delk Products, Inc, The model 52495 windshield cover:

  • Measures 61″ x 32″ when fully extended
  • Fits most cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • New FitFast technology that ensures a custom fit every time
  • Never scrape frost, ice or snow again with Frost Guard
  • Secures safely and easily to your vehicle; Durable and water resistant

The regular size Delk cover should provide sufficient coverage for most automobiles.  Although the company claims that this model will cover windshields on trucks and SUV’s, the general consensus based on our research is that for any vehicle above a mid-sized auto, the larger version, Delk XL model 52496 would be the better choice.

The FitFast Technology will help you get your windshield cover in place quickly and easily, even in cases where there is already some accumulation of snow and or ice.  Read more… This technology provides an advantage to magnetic windshield covers because they need a clear path to the metal of your car in order to attach securely.  In a perfect world, we would not need the FitFast technology but in the real world, ice and snow do build up on your car and you still need to get the cover on.

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How does the Delk with Frost Guard work in the real world?

Our research indicates that this windshield cover does everything as advertised.  Put it on your car or truck before the storm hits and you will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation.  The technology behind the cover is very simple and also very effective.  We like it better than the magnetic covers that can really be a problem to get in place when you need them.

The only concern we had, which is backup up by customer feedback is the sizing.  The smaller cover which is reviewed here will work for most vehicles, but we highly recommend that you check the size against the size of your windshield before you buy.  If you have any doubt, you should move up to the larger model, the extra large 52496.

Other than that minor issue, we highly recommend the Delk Frost Guard with Windshield Cover.  Throw one in your trunk today.

Get The Delk Frost Guard with Windshield Cover

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Here is what customers have to say about their purchases:

by B. Belmont Peters

A must for anyone in snow country. I have used it once so far as I live in New England with lots of snow. On the one snow event this fall, it made it quick and convenient to rid myself of snow and ice… Read more

by Daneen Gable

Use this all the time. Works great. Highly recommend… Read More

by Jana Healey

Just what I needed in northern Michigan. It fits my Monty like a glove! I was surprised… Read more


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