CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter

CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-StarterThe CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter was not designed to be all things to all people.  It was designed to do just one thing and to do it well.  This is a jump box, pure and simple and does not make any apologies for its single mindedness.  Does it live up to its claims?

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What Are The Features Of The CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter?

The list of features for the CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter is a little on the short side.  Here is what the manufacturer says:

  • 1000 instant starting amps/2000 peak battery amps
  • Helps to jump-start most 12-volt vehicles without the need for another vehicle
  • High density 22aH sealed battery
  • Keyless on/off switch for safety
  • Visual and audible reverse polarity alarm

Really, the main feature of this car and truck jumps starter is the available power.  If you own a vehicle with a large engine or a diesel, this is a product you should consider.  It is perfect for remote job sites where construction equipment sits out over night in sub- zero temperatures.  You don’t want a crew sitting around and waiting for someone to show up with the right equipment to get your dozer started.

Buy The CAT (CJ3000) 2000 Peak Amp Jump Starter Now

Should You Buy The CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter?

The answer to this question is that it depends.  Many auto owners are looking for the extra security that a portableCAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter jump starter with a built in air compressor provides.  The CAT 1,000-Amp Professional Jump-Starter is not made for that buyer.  This is a professional grade tool for people who need extra power as well as someone who may need to jump start several vehicles between charges.

Speaking of charges, there is an odd omission when you purchase this jump box.  It does not come with a cord to plug in for charging.  This is a very minor nit to pick, but there it is.  Overall, this is a definite buy.


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