Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 Multi-Function Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply

Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10The Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 Multi-Function Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply is a new generation portable power pack/ charger/ vehicle jump starter.  Each generation seems to get lighter, more powerful and more versatile.  As with most things we encounter in life, there are tradeoffs.  This review will cover the features and benefits of the Antigravity and provide you with the information you need to determine if this lightweight gem will suit your needs.

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What Does The Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Do?

There is an old saying rattling around in my brain which says that you cannot be all things to all people.  While this portable power device may not be all things, it comes pretty close when it comes to providing power wherever and whenever you want to travel.

First of all, the PPS XP-10 can charge pretty much every electronic device you own and will own for the foreseeable future.  It comes complete with a large variety of adapters which which will fit your computer, Ipad, phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.  The 44 Wh lithium battery will charge multiple devices and can also be left for up to 6 months without a charge and it will still have life left.

You also get a super strong LED flashlight which can come in handy on a camping trip as well as lighting the way for you to use the next feature of the multi- function personal power supply.

Not only do you get the charging power that all of us tech nerds require, but you also get up to 600 amps of jump Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 Multi-Function Jump Starterstarting power.  This will enable you to jump start almost any vehicle including a diesel.  There will be enough battery power left over to jump start another vehicle if necessary.  You also get overcharge and reverse polarity protection.

You get all of this incredible power and versatility in a package that weighs only 1.1 pounds.  Yes, that is the number, 1.1 pounds.  You can throw it in your glove compartment or more importantly in your backpack and know that if you are stranded, you have plenty of power to keep your phone going along with a super powerful flashlight to help you find your way out of trouble.

Get The Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 Multi-Function Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply And Tire Inflator At Amazon

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What Are The Features Of The PPS XP-10?

Here is a breakdown of the features of the power pack:

  • 18,000 milliamps and up to 600 Peak Amps for massive starting capabilities
  • Start diesel vehicles as well as car, trucks, motorcycles, and other powersports vehicles
  • Specifications: 1.1 lbs. 9″ long x 3.2″ wide x 1.2″tall and packed in a slim-leather carry case
  • Includes detachable SMART mini jumper clamps with built in over charge, reverse polarity protections
  • Includes black universal cable with 8-different detachable tips to fit different brands of laptop charging ports (Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, and more)
  • Lighted battery capacity indicator
  • Built-in over-discharge protection for long battery life

As you can see, the list of user friendly features for the Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 is quite long.  It is difficult to pick out the best ones, but the size and weight make this very hard to beat.  Also, being able to push a button to find out how much battery life is left is really critical if you ever get into an emergency situation.

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What Is The Bottom Line On TheAntigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS XP-10 Multi-Function Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply?

As you can probably tell as you read through this review, I love this multi-function power supply.  It is really hard to beat the versatility and size advantage it has over most of it’s competitors.  If you need or feel you will ever need everything it can do then it is a definite buy.

Keep in mind though, that there are less expensive alternatives if you feel you will never use any one of the features.  You can buy a power pack, flashlight or battery jump starter for less money and also get less complication because they are more specialized products.  Check out the Clore JNC660 if you just want to have a battery jump starter handy or the Stanley J5C09 if you want to add in an air compressor.

Both of these automotive products are considerably less expensive but again, do not do half of what the Antigravity PPS XP-10 does.

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by Metal Twister

So I was showing this new toy off to the neighbors at the shop the other day. Today they were banging on the fence trying to get my attention. Seems the contractor digging up the street had a dead battery in his Dodge diesel 2500. I grab up my little satchel of raw power and skipped right up to the laughing crowd. Snickers of doubt over shadowed the pessimists who were in full gloat mode. I hooked up my cute little battery clips and said hit it! Cranked that diesel so fast it had to start! I dont think the engine got off two full revolutions before it started. The jeers turned to wonderment and amazement. I packed up my little bag of goodies, stuck my nose in the air and proudly strutted back to the shop…Read more at Amazon…


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