Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Review

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount RackWelcome to our review of the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack where we will give you an overview of one of the most popular bike racks currently for sale at as well as our opinion as to whether it is a good buy and also who the carrier is designed for.  You can read other automotive product reviews at

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What Are The Features Of The Allen Bicycle Rack For Cars?

  • Patented design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUV’s – consult manufacturer web site for specific vehicle fit information
  • Individual tie-downs secure and protect bicycles
  • Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle
  • Side straps for increased lateral stability
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Comes fully assembled – set up and installs in seconds

Buy The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Now

Allen Sports began making bike racks in 1968 and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturer’s of it’s type.  This particular design will fit most vehicles and comes built specifically for your vehicle so you can be sure that it will not only fit, but that it has been tested on a vehicle like yours.

It is a very light and simple design.  It is so simple that there may be concerns about it’s strength and stability.  This Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rackis the best feature of the Allen bike racks, they are minimalist yet proven to perform flawlessly.  Even though you may notice some sway when your bikes are mounted and moving, these bicycle racks do the job- and for less money than most racks sold in bike shops.

Certified Frustration-Free Packaging- what will they think of next?  All I know is that packaging is getting more and more difficult to take apart so I vote yes for frustration free!  The rack also comes assembled and ready to mount on your trunk.  This is easy, once you get the hang of it.  There is a bit of a knack to it and initially you may be a bit confused about where to attach the side straps.  This passes quickly after a couple of tries.

Buy The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

One complaint that I did find was that the bicycle has to be lifted a considerable distance and also held away quite a ways from the body.  For most people I don’t think this is a problem, but there may be an issue for someone of smaller stature or with back problems.

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There is something else you should be mindful of.  There is no way to lock the carrier in place.  Once you get to your destination and are off riding for several hours, you could come back to find your Allen Sports bike rack has disappeared.  It is recommended that you remove it and put it in the trunk while you are gone.  The good news is that is very simple to take it off and put it back on, especially once you have done it a few times.

What Is The Bottom Line For The Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack?

The general consensus for this carrier is that it is a simple and inexpensive 2 bicycle carrier.  It mounts and is removed easily and will safely carry two bikes. It can be stored in your trunk while you are not using it.  There is a bit of a learning curve as far as getting it in place and getting your bikes secured but once you get the hang of it, you should not have any problems.  There is also the benefit of being able to purchase rack that is specifically designed for your type of vehicle.  All in all, we rate the Allen Sports bike rack a buy.

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What Do Buyers Say About The Allan Sports 2 Bike Rack?

By David Bradshaw

I have had this for a few months now. I use it often and now that I am used to the procedure I can put it on in about 5 minutes (I always check and make sure everything is taut and secured). I have bags on the bike (front bar bag (for my phone) and rear trunk bag). I leave those on it and can put the bike on this with no problem. I usually take it to work with me twice or three times a week which is along a highway going around 70 mph for about 35 miles one way. I have not had any problems and this thing works great! I highly recommend this! I just wanted to come back and share that I have put some distance on with this bike carrier on and have not had any problems!!!

I got this to carry my bike from my house to a downtown walk/bike track. It arrived in a small box (item folded up) and was easy to setup.  Read more…

By Louisville Cardinal

I searched for months trying to find a bike rack that looked sturdy enough and had enough positive reviews for me to even consider it, and then I found this. The added support of the two side straps is excellent, it keeps the rack from sliding side to side, even when you make quick turns. I have a 2002 Camry without the spoiler, and I have no trouble installing this rack. Now, to ease your worries of some other reviews you may have read. I read that some people had to keep stopping and tightening the straps because the rack was sagging. If you simply read the instructions, it gives you a specific knot to tie so this doesn’t happen. I’ve already driven my bikes about 200 miles, and have not had that problem once, even on bumpy roads. Other people suggested wrapping the metal hooks with electrical tape to cushion the areas where it latches onto your car to avoid paint chips, so I went ahead and did that as a precaution and I haven’t had any trouble. You will also want to get a bungee cord or some rope to keep the front tires from hitting your car, and a sock or two over the pedal closest to the car to avoid scratches. Overall, this rack is extremely well made, and very sturdy. I definitely recommend this product. One last tidbit, if you plan on hauling a women’s bike, make sure you get the adapter. Read more…

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