120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo Review

120w Light Bar Led Cree 20 Spot Combo Work Off Road FogThe 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo Work Off Road Fog Driving 4×4 Bumper Rock is another best seller on Amazon. This review will help you decide if you should spend your hard-earned money on the light rack or move along to another product. We offer many reviews of other automotive products at http://www.bestjumpstarterguide.com.

Get the Lowest Price on the 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo

What Are The Features Of The Cree 120w Light Bar?

Here are the top features as listed by the manufacturer:

20″ High output led light bar (21.5″ from end to end), with Center 32 LED’s spot 30 degree; Side 8 LED’s flood 60 degree
Life span: 30,000+ hours.

Extremely bright even in daylight. Great for off road vehicles, ATV’s, UTV’s, construction vehicles, farm vehicles and trucks.

Heavy duty metal housing is water and weather proof (IP67). Mounting hardware is included.

Specifications: Input Voltage: 9-32V DC. Power Consumption: 120W(3W40pcs High Intensity CREE LEDs). Lumen

Flux: 7500+LM. Color Temperature: 6000K. Beam Pattern: Spot. Beam Angle: Combo; 30 degree + 60 degree.

The light bar itself measures 20 inches across while the width expands to 21 ½ inches when you add in the sides and mounting bolts. The lights are long lasting and extremely bright. They are so bright in fact that you could get yourself in trouble with law enforcement if you drive around on public roads. These should be used off road only.

Another spotlight option you may want to check out is the Nilight® 2 X 18w 1260lm Cree Led Spot Lights which take a different approach but also very effective.

According to the manufacturer, these LED light bars are water and weather proof. This is something that will be addressed in short order as it may be a little bit of a stretch. They draw very little current (8.2 amps @ 12v), so they can be mounted as truck light bars or atv, tractor, etc. LED racks. They can also be used on systems from 9-32v DC.
Another feature is that you can buy the same off road LED lights in higher wattages. They range from the 120w reviewed here all the way up to 240w at 42”. This gives the buyer added flexibility.

Get the Lowest Price on the 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo

The pricing is another feature of the 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo Work Off Road Fog Driving 4×4 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20 Spot Combo Work Off Road Fog Driving 4x4 Bumper RockBumper Rock. These are priced at the lower end of the cost spectrum. Of course, this is another reason for the high sales ranking that they enjoy.

Are There Negatives To The Cree LED Lightbar?

As was alluded to earlier in the review, there have been some comments about the lights fogging up after heavy rain or washing. This may be due to a shrinking seal or gasket. Many buyers have found it easy enough to fix, if it does happen after you pick up a light rack. You can simply remove the outer cover of the light and reseal with some silicone. This has seemed to work for anyone who has attempted it.

So What Is The Bottom Line on The 120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spotlight?

Should you buy the120w Light Bar Led Cree 20″ Spot Combo? If you are looking for an extremely bright and reasonably priced LED light rack and can accept the fact that you MAY have to reseal the lens at some point down the line, then this is a definite buy. Since it is a best seller on Amazon, it would seem that most people are willing to accept this minor issue when the tradeoff is a great light at a great price. Really, only you can decide if this is the right LED bar for you.

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What do customers say?

By Joseph Abram

Light is everything as advertised and more, so bright you can’t even look in my trucks direction during broad sunny daylight, let alone at night, you’d have to see it to believe it, I’m a retired deputy sheriff and very familiar with quality lighting. This is it. It’s bright white light…

By Mike

i have had this on my 02 tahoe for little over a month now, its been through rain snow and very cold wet wisconsin nights and i have had no problem with condensation geting in!!! this thing has saved me a few times on back roads spot deer…


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